Sunday, March 30, 2008

I’m Still Voting for Obama II

Lola asks why I’m not posting. -- I tell her it's because I am disgusted. -- The American way of life is facing serious challenges and our permanent political class is offering three completely unacceptable choices for the Presidency.

I know the suck it up and vote for McCain school of thought and I reject it. As the American Thinker points out, McCain believes the lies about man-made Global Warming and will institute polices based on the scientific fraud that carbon dioxide is detrimental to the environment. Policies that will severely damage the American economy for absolutely no good reason. I will never vote for a Republican that believes socialist lies.

Returning the Clintons to office is a clear breach of the spirit of the 22nd Amendment. From the founding of this country, it has been understood that the primacy of the private sector over government is best served by limiting any individual person’s leadership. The Democratic Party broke this unwritten covenant with the American people, forcing the public to put it into writing. Marriage is two individuals forming a single union and it is the clear intent of this single union to win a third term.

This leaves Barack Hussein Obama, inexperienced, unprincipled, but gifted in trickster tale skills. I am serious about voting for Obama because there are no options in my best interest in the short term, so I am looking towards the long term.