Monday, March 31, 2008


“Anger should be a universal feeling about a government and culture which is failing.” I watch Newt Gingrich’s speech at the American Enterprise Institute on CSPAN and next day go to his website to watch it again. The former Speaker of the House uses the word anger eighteen times in his speech. There is a lot of anger in the American public. I got me some too.

The speech is called The Obama Challenge, and the challenge is for adults to put politics aside and decide on what type of country we want the United States to be. It reflects Newt’s long time quip that “Real Change Requires Real Change”. We know what works to grow prosperity and we also know what doesn’t work. “But to find real solutions, I would argue, we have to have real honesty and a serious dialogue in which unpleasant facts are put on the table and bold proposals are discussed.”

There is zero chance that able yet McCain or the Clintons vs. the entire politicized federal bureaucracy will meaningfully change the status quo. Supporting either of them is like walking right back into the same stagnant swamp. They had their time and failed. I want them fired not promoted. The policies required to fix government will drive thousands of people off the public payroll, and if 1994 teaches anything, it is that persistent resistance and the temptations of power are powerful forces of inertia.

Now Barack Hussein Obama is no saint. I believe he is wrong in the majority of the approaches he advocates for governance. But he is still a newcomer and not fully vested in the abominable self nourishing slug that is our federal government. Of the options before us, he is the one with the most potential for major change of any kind. Sometimes the path to the goal moves away from the goal. I fully expect Obama will instantly find himself in over his head with the enormity of responsibly required by the Presidency. I expect he will make lots of mistakes. Yet it will be in those moments of his most severe self doubt that the opportunity for wise counsel to take root is appears.