Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I’m Still Voting for Obama

The Clintons play the race card against Barack Obama, forcing him to be honest to the world about his mixed heritage and his overtly racist black liberationist close good friends. Caroline Glick writes the only commentary worthy of a link, about the man Obama and the intrusion of the planetary human population into the United States of America.

So Obama is a black racist. I don’t care. I want change in the old establishment. If I was black, I would be very angry at a country decimating my community with incarceration. Incarceration which is state paid education for crime. Obama is wrong to be racist, but he has chosen sides with the true white racists in America, the Democratic Party. Under whose rule did black families get destroyed and the education of their children perverted? Barack understands the hatred in his core support and needs to understand the Republicans, as they have always been, are the allies for proud individual independence.