Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day 2006

Lola and I drop in on Brat Fest three times over the weekend, avoiding the Celebrity Cashiers and listening to the Bands outside in the glorious summer warmth. Even in the midst of Madison the willows near the water are majestic, with dragon flies zipping and baby geese floating in tight gatherings near their parents. $5.00 beers are selling even though this is clearly price gouging. Half way through the Phat Phunktion set, one of the performers says: “How about giving up a little love because we will give it right back.”

There are lots of people in Madison sincerely believing the environment is in danger and the economy only benefits the wealthy. A lot of them think that love is a sufficient response to evil. Moments like this, where the kids run in the sunshine and the adults relax in the shade, exist because Americans have fought for the right to live with liberty within a peace achieved through strength and justice. Some people through pride and false principle will never understand or acknowledge the sacrifice. Fortunately, most of us do.