Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Mayor Dave Reminisces

It is a pleasant night for a walk through the neighborhood. The environmentalist democrats at 1000 Friends of Wisconsin will approve of the walking but have serious reservations about the adverse impact of low density housing on the localized (non-global) biodiversity. Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz reminisces about his activist creation.
The First Year of 1000 Friends: As a science-driven organization, the Conservancy had long known that it could not save biological diversity only through its traditional work of buying and restoring land. There would never be enough resources for that. Only government had the ability to influence land use on a large enough scale. At the same time, the Conservancy’s culture of private, voluntary conservation prevented it from getting too involved with government regulation. Peter and I saw 1000 Friends as one way in which the cause of biodiversity could be more effectively lobbied before government.
Governor Jim Doyle handpicked Kathleen Falk who handpicked Dave Cieslewicz and enabled him to win the Madison Mayoral election. It’s good to remember what these individuals believe.
Wisconsin Strategic Growth Task Force: All 22 members of the Wisconsin Strategic Growth Task Force propose a shift of some land-use planning powers to the state. … In contrast to those appraisals of the report, task force member Dave Cieslewicz, director of government affairs for the Nature Conservancy, said he was disappointed. The recommendations were rushed through with little discussion, he said.
Mayor Dave’s disappointment with the task force recommendations were that they did not go far enough in calling for government approval and oversight on how private land is utilized in Wisconsin. It was this perceived need for even more government control that directly inspired him to form his lobbyist organization. If I were Ray Allen, I would keep asking Mayor Dave the question: What have you done to expand freedom in Madison?


UPDATE: Kathleen Falk re-affirms she is onboard the planning train.
Dane County Press Release: Madison – Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk and 1000 Friends of Wisconsin President Steve Hiniker today announced the release of the “Great Neighborhoods” book, a collaborative effort of the county, 1000 Friends, Madison Gas & Electric and the Madison Community Foundation. … The book covers topics such as meeting the varied demand for housing in Dane County; designing streets for walking, biking and driving; mixing uses to create more active communities; environmental sustainability; and how to make great neighborhoods happen.
Doyle, Falk, and Cieslewicz: Making your life easier by planning it for you. Are you ready to be railroaded?