Saturday, May 27, 2006

Al Gore as Don Quixote

In my humble opinion, the persistent widespread and uncritical acceptance of the catastrophic anthropogenic global warming THEORY is the definitive indicator of the failure of public school scientific education in America. The MSM and the blogosphere are again all atwitter as The Loser runs around promoting his Chicken Little fantasy film.
Gore Warms Up: "I have become very impatient," Gore wrote in Earth in the Balance, "with my own tendency to put a finger to the political winds and proceed cautiously." But now he has no consultants telling him what to do to win an election. He is simply trying to save the world--literally--by following his own instincts.
The Loser would serve everyone better by learning some science rather than following his instincts. Lesson number one: Consensus is not Science.
NASA: Gases in the atmosphere which play an important role in the thermodynamics of the atmosphere by trapping long-wave terrestrial re-radiation and, thus, producing the greenhouse effect. These gases include carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, ozone, chlorofluorocarbons and, the major one, water vapor.
A quick test to assess the validity of anything written about “unnatural” (man made) global warming is the presence or absence of discussion about the role of water vapor.
The Climatic Effects of Water Vapour: Along with other man-made gases, such as methane, carbon dioxide has received a bad press for many years and is uniformly cited as the major cause of the greenhouse effect. This is simply not correct. … it is the water vapour in the lower 10 km or so of the atmosphere, rather than man-made carbon-dioxide emissions, that contributes most to this warming effect. … Water vapour is responsible for 70% of the known absorption of incoming sunlight, particularly in the infrared region.
Both carbon dioxide and water vapor are triatomic molecules and it is the electron dispersion across this three atom geometry that allows absorption of radiant energy.
The Molecular Dynamics of Air: Triatomic molecules display a richer variety of motions. Water vapor, ozone, and carbon dioxide are examples of important triatomic molecules in the atmosphere. Each of these gases has three different rotational degrees of freedom.
Water vapor can variably comprise up to 4% of the molecular atmosphere, while carbon dioxide exists in the couple hundred parts per million range. Water vapor is the primary source of the natural green house effect that retains and moderates the warmth of the sun on this rock surrounded by cold space. CO2 activity is little more than background noise.