Wednesday, February 20, 2008

WI Post Mortem

The Progressive: Obama Crushes Clinton in Wisconsin: Anatomy of Hillary’s Defeat.

Her entire campaign has been flawed. “I’m Ready at Day One” was just not a winning slogan, and she kept repeating it over and over again, including Tuesday night. (By the way, she doesn’t know the meaning of “concession speech.”) Few voters go for a candidate by measuring that person’s résumé.

And the slogan revealed a serious pronoun problem. The Clinton campaign was all about “I, I, I.” As in, “I’ve got 35 years of experience.” Or, I can take a punch from the right wing.

By contrast, Obama’s campaign has been all about “We, We, We,” and “You,” and “You and I together.” He talks about change coming from the bottom up, from the voters themselves, and he asks them to join something larger than a personal campaign, whatever you think of the substance of that campaign. He asks them to redeem the promise of America.