Sunday, January 27, 2008

The South Carolina Primary (D)

Well, well, well. Just in case Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton missed the message, her like minded associates are leaping up to make sure she gets it. Can you hear me now?

The Nation: The overwhelming majority of South Carolina blacks rejected Senator Clinton in the most profound way: after first supporting her. She had a two-to-one lead on Obama among black South Carolinians at mid-campaign. Whites didn't reject her nearly so soundly--about one-quarter of them voted for Obama, with the others pretty well split between Clinton and John Edwards. But half of under-30 white voters--and there were a ton of them--went for Obama.

What to make of the fact that a strong majority of whites in South Carolina opted against Clinton? … It is also because the Clintons have come to embody, for many middle Americans, the moral and intellectual emptiness they see in liberalism--feel-good, stand-for-nothing, make-no-difference power players cloaking their lust for control in "feel-your-pain" platitudes.

Ouch. Can’t say I feel your pain Hillary. Know for sure I wouldn’t want to. The past is gone and the public is demonstrating no desire to go backwards. The Clinton hit squad can examine their old playbook as much as they want but times have changed and the game has moved on. How many years has it been since 1968?