Saturday, January 26, 2008

Freezing China

Last Wednesday, Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle officially announces “Temperatures across the Northern Hemisphere have reached their warmest point in over two thousand years”. Would someone from the Governor’s office please let China know. I believe the worlds most populated and polluted country is still in the Northern Hemisphere.

China Bans Coal Exports: BEIJING, Jan. 26 -- China's Transport Ministry yesterday ordered ports to temporarily stop loading coal for exports as the country struggles to meet domestic needs amid mounting power shortages. The coldest winter with the most snow in decades has left millions of Chinese without heating and running water, causing mounting losses from power shortages and other damage.

Millions shiver in big freeze: The snowy and cold weather, the worst in a decade in many places, has also left homes collapsed, power blackouts and crops destroyed. … Seventeen cities and towns in eastern Guizhou witnessed their longest-ever low temperature period.

The shortages were expected to continue, with weather forecasters warning on Friday that heavy snow could sweep swathes of the country in coming days. The harsh weather could roll from west to east over the next three days, the China Meteorological Administration said on its website (, forecasting heavy snow, sleet and rain.

Snow storms could hit parts of the heavily agricultural heartland provinces of Henan and Hubei, and Anhui Province to the east. Temperatures in northern parts of Shaanxi Province could drop to minus 30 C, the lowest in 50 years.

Alternatively, China could contact the Wisconsin Governor pointing out that carbon dioxide is an essential life sustaining natural component of air, and calling air 'polluted' with CO2 is exactly the same thing as calling Lake Michigan 'polluted' with water. China may also want to have their scientific elite explain that atmospheric CO2 has minor, if any, effect on temperature.