Thursday, September 06, 2007

Stupid Political Neophyte Nominee

Brandon Buchanan is an Eau Claire City Councilman and self proclaimed Christian who has written the single stupidest thing I have read about the Democrats proposed Healthy Wisconsin tax funded socialized medical financing plan.

Healthy Wisconsin is best choice: Like a number of people in Wisconsin, I consider myself to be a man of faith. I go to church twice a week, I pray every day and I read my Bible. … My Christian heart goes out to her and everyone else suffering from sickness and disease who cannot afford medical treatment.

In the time of Jesus, people wrongly believed that being sick was a punishment from God; thus, sick people were often blamed for their own illness. Today's Republican leaders do the same thing by arguing that health care is a free market choice. If someone gets into a car accident or develops cancer, that's his or her own fault. If Jesus had believed the same, he would have told the lepers, "but if I heal you, you will have no incentive to avoid leprosy." But Jesus didn't think like that. He didn't blame the sick for their illnesses; he just healed them.

The teachings of Jesus found in the Gospels demand we give compassion and help to our fellow human beings. The most frequent miracles Jesus performed were to heal the sick. So I say unto my friends in the Republican Assembly: "go forth and do likewise."

Wow. Brandon. Jesus did not charge people for his services. The Disciples did not run a billing department and no one set up a reception desk asking for proof of ability to pay and collecting co-payment fees upfront. I have no problem with free health care but there is no free in Healthy Wisconsin. And Brandon, I’m pretty sure Jesus didn’t impose mandatory taxation on the population. Perhaps you are confusing Jesus with Ceasar Augustus. Jesus was the one on the side of “thou shall not steal”.