Friday, September 07, 2007

The Old Sick Lion Surfaces

Osama Bin Laden, like Fidel Castro, is somehow using the depth of his hatred for the United States to cling to life. There is some speculation the Al Qaeda mastermind’s grasp on mortality is being assisted with some help from Iranian medical facilities. It is difficult to maintain dependable electricity to a cave in Pakistan but Iran has some old transmission lines and plans to upgrade them once their peaceful nuclear generation capacity is completed.

The DANEgerus Roundup has a link to the Gateway Pundit Roundup which dissects the transcript of ‘the message’. I particularly like this observation.

Do you suppose that the line about "19 young men were able, by the grace of Allah the Most High, to change direction of its compass" will get the 9-11 Truthers to admit finally that they are wrong about 9-11?... That it was Al Qaeda behind the attacks and not Bush? ... Me neither.

Madison’s own Truther extraordinaire Kevin Barrett is part of the 42% of Democrats who tell pollsters that President Bush either planned or allowed the attacks six years ago. If you want to ask the Truthers why Bin Laden keeps lying about his role in the events of that day, there is a good opportunity to meet them at the next meeting of the Madison Area Peace Coalition: Sept. 11th, 2007, 6:30 pm, Wil-Mar Center 953 Jenifer St. Madison. I’m sure they picked the only date that worked for everybody’s schedule.