Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Thrill Is Gone

Money can’t buy you love. The democrats are showing signs they are thinking about a separation. While nobody is at fault, the thrill of Hillary has gone stale.

Hillary: The Frontrunner is Backsliding: She will have more money than God when all is said and done. And if wresting campaign funds from fat cat Democratic party donors was all it took to win the nomination of her party, Hillary Clinton would undoubtedly be the runaway favorite.

The activist left have carved stone tablets declaring the liberation of Iraq unjustifiable, period. I can’t believe I am saying this but – to her credit – Mrs. Bill Clinton has refused to don sackcloth and ashes. She is resisting calls to renounce her initial support for the overthrow of Saddam’s evil rule. In what remains of her conscience, the former first lady understands why Bush reaches his decision to take the battle where the battle needed to go. The progressives, however, will never forgive anything less than absolute repentance.

Senator Inevitable: The watershed election of 2006 confirmed that Bush and the conservative order are in collapse. That inspires Democrats to embrace a far more ambitious sense of what's possible. Senator Clinton, the brainy policy wonk conscientiously calculating her next move, suddenly seems miscast for an era when Democrats are on offense and bolder ideas are back in play.

When The Nation declares: “Nothing personal. But Hillary Clinton is the past” it dooms her individual quest for the summit. She will retain her organization of supporters but a large percentage of the base really want to move away from the unprincipled pragmatism of the legacy years.

More importantly, I suspect a large percentage of the normal population is also bored with the character she plays on TV. Her one remaining chance of re-capturing the fascination of the habitual Democratic voters could be adopting the unfortunate child of the late Anna Nicole Smith. I’m sure Hillary still has the power to get a judge somewhere to rule against any presumptive father, and then she could give the kid to some village. The Nation continues:

A more poignant comparison is with Senator Edward Kennedy, another inheritor of the family mantle. After his older brothers were killed, Teddy Kennedy was propelled by legendary expectations that he would someday run for President and restore the Kennedy name to the White House. When he finally did run but lost his party's nomination Kennedy, ironically, was freed to fulfill his real talent as a legislator and become the courageous and savvy liberal lawmaker of lasting fame. If Hillary should lose in '08, perhaps she will be liberated too.

Yeah, that’s good too. Hillary drives Bill across a rustic little bridge when unexpectedly … yadda, yadda, yadda … legislator extraordinaire.