Friday, March 16, 2007

2007 Round One

Walking, not only away from the television but completely out of the room to escape the horrible images, is completely justifiable. How is it possible for our top echelon college basketball team to score only nineteen stinking points in one half? 19!!!

Badgers Fashionably Late: On Friday, when the second- seeded Badgers fell behind by 18 points during the first half of their first-round game against 15th-seeded Texas A&M- Corpus Christi at the United Center, coach Bo Ryan made a point to remind his team of the Richmond game. "Coach Ryan said we're not going to get 10 points back on one possession, let's grind it out," UW senior forward Alando Tucker said.

How is it possible to go from 19 points in twenty minutes to 57 points in twenty minutes against the same opponent? Sometime during the halftime break the light bulb must have flicked on: every single team in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament can beat you. The Badgers may have been hoping for an effortless victory after the hard fights against Illinois, Michigan State, and the Greg Oden entourage. Hopefully the free pass mentality is now completely vanquished. I have watched enough college basketball to know this team has the ability to win the tournament. Ability, however, is only one factor.