Saturday, March 10, 2007

Shadow Cabinet Polls Are Open

The progressives have put up a site where we democratically disenfranchised common people can have actual input into who should hold positions in their fantasy shadow government. Since uncontrolled speculative polling is all rage, why not pretend citizen and resident input will be considered in progressive America?

Progressive Parallel Administration: The Backbone Campaign, Progressive Government Institute, and a coalition of grassroots organizations have initiated a process to empower citizens to nominate, comment on, and rate progressive leaders to serve as a virtual Progressive Parallel Administration. We want to demonstrate that the progressive movement is not merely an oppositional, but also propositional movement, and that we are not content running campaigns, but preparing to run the country.

At the moment, Dennis Kucinich is the lead candidate of the 17 challengers for the proposed Department of Peace. This new cabinet position has both foreign and domestic responsibilities including: "address the root causes of war and intervene before violence begins”. I suppose this means good applicants have the ability to see the future so the doctrine of preemptive intervention can be applied.

Wisconsin’s own Russ Feingold is up for Secretary of Agriculture, Attorney General of Justice and US Trade Representative - but can probably land any spot he really wants. Hillary Clinton is on the list for both Attorney General and Secretary of Health and Human Services, apparently a consolation prize from the true progressives who really don’t want her in the top spot. Interestingly, Bill Clinton is nominated for Secretary of State which is both an intriguing and disturbing thought.

UW Madison Professor Joel Rogers is on the list to Chair the Federal Reserve. For those not familiar with the head of the tax funded UW Madison think tank COWS, Mr. Rogers wants all of America to reflect his idea of a neighborhood. Last election, Joel Rogers strongly supports John Edwards and the working drafts of the Democratic plans for the country are largely spelled out at The Boston Review which he helps edit.

Finally, I give Governor Jim Doyle my highest rating in the Attorney General category, just in case he may be looking for a pardon and a new position in the near future. As Dennis Kucinich says, it’s nice to be nice to the needy.