Friday, March 09, 2007

Property Rights are the Common Good

Widespread corruption and a lack of judicial independence, among other factors, put Wisconsin toward the bottom of a new global property-rights index released Tuesday.

Ok, the quote from La Russophobe is actually about Russia but find and replace with the dairy state doesn’t make the statement too far fetched. The Kathleen Falk branch of environmentalist Democrats may be beaten but they are far from dead, and the DNR still believes the whole state belongs to them.

The Washington DC based Property Rights Alliance releases their inaugural 2007 International Property Rights Index (IPRI) and post-communist Russia isn’t much different from Soviet Union Russia in terms of legal protection of private ownership. The big finding is, surprise, surprise, surprise, the more protections, the more affluent the population. Like all lists there is room for debate about the Rankings (pdf file). For example: is it really true you have a better chance retaining assets in Nigeria than Venezuela?