Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Weaponization of Space

The United Nation is good at having conferences. This time it is the Conference on Disarmament and the United States is accused of being the threat to world peace.

U.S. Fights China, Russia on Space Arms: The United States clashed with China and Russia during a disarmament debate Tuesday over how to prevent an arms race in outer space, and Washington criticized Beijing for its recent test of an anti-satellite missile. Russia and China, in turn, condemned the "one state" that refuses to consider a treaty banning space weapons _ a reference to the U.S.

China and Russia said attempts to have global military dominance by the use of space "are counterproductive and jeopardize the security of all humanity." One country's bid to have "impregnable defenses" is dangerous because it could "lead to new instruments of war and to an arms race," the paper said.

Having observed American military actions with analytical precision, the Chinese conclude that Global Positioning System (GPS) and communication satellites are in effect the American militarization of space. It is their essential rationalization for the ongoing development of multiple types of anti-satellite weapons.

10/15/03 China and the Battlefield in Space: The Chinese security establishment has a sophisticated understanding of the way that the United States envisions the use of space in the future. … Beijing’s strategy to confront the United States in this area is clear: work on public opinion in the United States to make moral arguments against weapons in space, develop international coalitions to limit the way that the United States can use space, and develop China’s own weapons systems and tactics to destroy American satellites and space-based weapons.

The PRC undoubtedly appreciate the way Islamic Jihadists have brilliantly manipulated the western media, so the public may begin to hear the phrase ‘weaponization of space’ repeated over and over in negative context. In time the Democrats will call for a treaty because in leftist logic, safety can not be obtained through impregnable defense.