Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Germs to Superheat the Atmosphere

Bill Wineke is an ordained clergyman of the United Church of Christ who writes for the Wisconsin State Journal. Perhaps this is why his thoughts today are both disappointing and illustrative of the current level of common sense in Madison. Its bizarro world where microbiologists preach global warming and pastors believe them.

Is climate change doom in the dirt? A UW-Madison microbiologist warns that tomorrow's cause of global warming might be dirt. Yes, dirt.

"As the climate warms, it is predicted that soil carbon is going to be decomposed faster by soil microbes, which means more carbon dioxide is going to be released into the atmosphere," Balser said in a university news release Tuesday. "So there is a very real possibility that you might get this vicious cycle - a positive feedback loop - where increased warming causes more carbon dioxide (to be released from the soil), which causes even more warming."

Yikes! Balser is planning some experiments to prove her thesis, which, she says, is more radical than current climate models.

Wineke has so completely placed his faith in the computer programmed prophecies of academic scientists that he believes it possible that God creates a living universe so fragile that microbes can breathe it to death.