Tuesday, February 06, 2007

An Accusation of Politics

EXTRA EXTRA: Mayor Dave Cieslewicz in Danger! The Capital Times accuses Madison City Council members of sponsoring a resolution for political reasons.

April trolley vote unneeded: Council President Austin King is right when he says that the sponsors of the resolution are guilty of "galling hypocrisy." The same people who opposed going to referendum on the smoking ban and the paid sick leave proposal now want to rush the council into scheduling a nonbinding referendum that, just coincidentally, will be on the ballot when residents will be voting for mayor and City Council.

"This is a transparently political effort," explains King. The term "transparently political" is generously chosen. Another, slightly less generous, term would be "embarrassingly political." … In other words, they are trying - via the referendum proposal - to turn the April 3 ballot into a campaign commercial. This is the crudest sort of politics, and it has no place in Madison.

Next in the Capital Times: Lawyers doing things for legal reasons, physicians doing things for medical reasons and Jim Doyle doing things for campaign cash. Just kidding about that last one Governor, so please don’t release the Maistelman.
UPDATE: Mayor Dave “convinces” the City Council to vote 16-1 against letting the taxpayers express their opinions on the trolley folly during the Mayoral election. Dissent from the progressive-green party line will not be tolerated in Madison. I completely agree with Vicki McKenna: “our city council cannot conscience the will of the people”.