Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Snowed In Global Warming Debate

The Cheddarsphere seems be having a snow covered Wisconsin debate about global warming. Dean at Thoughtful Conservative has the link assemblage. Let me just point out that I AM A GLOBAL WARMING DENIER. Dangerous man-made climate chance is a false myth.

Heat disperses. This is one of the foundation observations of physics. There is no observational evidence that humans are rewriting the laws of physics. The rate of dispersal can vary by the degree of containment. The containment mechanism proposed by global warming alarmists is a natural atmospheric molecule, existing at an extremely low percentage in the natural layer of gasses trapped by the gravitational pull of a small planet embedded in cold space.

Climate changes constantly and predictions of changes outside the historical range of variability are completely the product of human programmed computers. If you believe software can manipulate input data, then you know garbage in, garbage out is the truth.