Monday, May 12, 2008

Climate Friendly Commerce

Sigh. ... We are governed by fools and idiots.

Governor Doyle Signs Climate Change Agreement with United Kingdom: Since coming into office, Governor Doyle has worked to make Wisconsin and the Midwest a leader in renewable energy. Last year, as Chairman of the Midwestern Governors Association, Governor Doyle spearheaded a regional strategy to achieve energy security and reduce greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming that culminated with 10 Governors signing the Midwestern Regional Greenhouse Gas Reduction Accord.

The Agreement: (in part) Wisconsin commits to joining the International Carbon Action Partnership and to working with the UK and others in sharing best practice on carbon markets and compatibility of design to facilitate the development of a global carbon market.

We will aim to increase climate-friendly commerce between the United Kingdom and Wisconsin to bolster our respective economic positions while mutually benefiting each partner.

It almost sounds like free market capitalism – “global carbon market” and “climate-friendly commerce” – but it’s not. When Governor Doyle and some hereditary British Aristocrat appoint the panel authorized to designate climate friendly commerce, I hope they set a quota for representatives of Mother Nature. I recommend seating Owls. Owls are wise. I hope they avoid credentialing Cows. Cows are stupid.