Monday, April 14, 2008


HE SAID WHAT! ... thinking for a moment ... My reaction is along the lines of A.J.

The Strata Sphere: Well, it is time to grow up. Obama said America is bitter that government has not functioned. Well it has not functioned because of out of control partisanship, rancor and basically behavior that would not be tolerated in any other area of society. Lies about others, lies about what they will do for us, graft and corruption - it seems Americans have a right to be bitter with the low caliber and unprofessionalism that has permeated the offices of elected officials, the news media and the talking heads who create a living out of ringing the alarm bells.

I get that Obama reveals an intimate familiarity with the contemptible stereotypes of the day. This is not the first time and he is absolutely not the only politician completely up to date on the political foundations of partisan driven hate. If anything, it’s just more evidence that a complete house cleaning is overdue.

Actually, A.J. is far more generous than me. I believe the clean out needs to go pretty far down into the rank and file of our public servants. There are days I understand why Chairman Mao believed the intellectuals require some slave labor time. I’m not an advocate of government mandated servitude but sending some people looking for honest work would do the rest of us a great deal of good.