Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Clintons Survive in Ohio and Texas

Tonight is the Republican Party’s missed Osama Bin Laden moment. They have the opportunity to send Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton to certain defeat, but they do not. In open primaries in the large population states of Texas and Ohio, Republicans vote in the opposition primaries and contribute to Clinton victories. Various rationales for wanting to extend the internal Democratic selection struggles are put forward, but the tactic deliberately keeps the path open for Hillary Clinton to be sworn in as the 43rd white president of the United States.

I can't help but think that as much as the political elites hate each other, they fear the loss of power even more. Watching the well funded rise of a youthful socialist threat promising to make real changes to the status quo, it's like the realization clicked that they are truly different wings of a single party of government. The former First Lady is on the verge of setting a new family control precedent in American government. I suspect the establishment of any permanent aristocracy goes through the phase where marriage claims to power come to be understood and accepted as valuable to all parties.

This election is taking place near a crest in the information age and globally there are no secrets about the relative status of the human beings in the massive human population. Observing the Republicans, I wonder if they hope the old married couple will be useful in the future against the rising socialist tide. It’s probably more likely they are counting on the traditional politics of money and interest groups to keep Hillary in the Senate. I wouldn’t count on it. The game is changing.

Great swarms of the political punditry all seem to be focusing in on the ephemeral veneer of the Barack Hussein Obama campaign and puzzling as to why there is not more demand for or concern about specifics. This misses the point. The Obama hopefuls don't care about specifics. They want change. Period. They want change of the status quo.