Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What if the Future Thaws?

I am still figuring out how to adapt to our new socialist future. There are the foreseeable probabilities like widespread power outages, but it is harder to plan for the less predictable targets of government intervention. For example, when will the forces of the greater good turn their attention to the bank accounts of Big Orange?

Orange Juice: Your daily breakfast OJ might not be as healthy for the planet as it is for you. Drinking 170 litres of water with breakfast would be ridiculous. You'd have your legs crossed all the way to work, which would be particularly problematic if you were doing the right thing by walking.

But that's the amount that goes into manufacturing just one cup of orange juice, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization says. Citrus is a thirsty crop. Then there's the fuel that goes into the tractors, pesticides, packaging and transport of OJ. In addition, orange production uses more pesticides than any other major commodity, the World Wide Fund For Nature reports.

I could hoard frozen concentrate in the hopes of exploiting critical shortage situations, but what happens if the power to my freezers fails?