Friday, February 01, 2008

Corporate America Now Leans Left

Over Dinner, Lola asks me if I would vote for John McCain and I tell her no. If we are to have a period of Federal Government dominated by socialist beliefs then I would just as soon have true socialists to blame for when things go bad.

Wisconsin Blog Elder Sean Hackbarth posts the The Sharon Statement from almost half a Century ago. It is an outline a version of Conservative values based on the individual right of free will and the limitations of Government over the individual. One commenter makes the case that these eloquent expressions of political values didn’t produce the political victories of the 1980’s. The good things accomplished back then came from playing the game of elective politics, and for the last several years the Republics have been outplayed.

I posted a link to a Capital Research Center paper a couple days ago, but it is worth a revisit and an excerpt. Democracy Alliance: Billionaires for Big Government.

Corporate America now leans left. A year ago, six of the ten top-giving industries gave more to the GOP, but the watchdog Center for Responsive Politics finds that all are now giving more to Democrats. ... Of more than $577 million donated by business, 56% has gone to Democrats, 44% to Republicans. (FEC data as of October 29, 2007, from source).

In 2006, Democrat-friendly donors dominated the list of the top 21 donors to 527s, the issue-driven tax-exempt groups not regulated by the FEC. They seem likely to do so again. The Service Employees International Union, an institutional member of the DA, topped the 2006 list with almost $33 million. Other top 527 donors associated with the Alliance include Soros Fund Management ($3,445,000), America Votes ($2,345,000), Peter B. Lewis/Progressive Corp. ($1,624,375), and the Gill Foundation ($1,181,355). Corporations and labor unions, which cannot give directly to political parties or candidates to federal office, may make unlimited contributions to 527s. The only (wink wink) restriction: the law forbids political parties and 527s from “coordinating” their activities.

The numbers are telling a story. “Corporate America now leans left”. Not to be too cynical, but the Federal Government serves moneyed interests and always has served moneyed interests. The McCain Feingold Law (BCRA) plays right into the group expertise of the non-market sub-economy dominated by Democrats and they have fully utilized the rules for their advantage.