Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Saving the Planet with MGE

Madison Gas and Electric will now sell you absolutions for the sin of using their energy. On the day a cold so bad it shuts down Madison schools, the new MGE business plan is to charge a premium so that carbon emissions don’t overheat the climate.

Sign Up for Green Power: Now you can offset the carbon emissions generated by your electricity use by choosing to purchase clean, renewable electricity. For $6 extra per month, the average MGE residential customer using 600 kWh per month can buy enough green power to offset 100% of their electricity-generated carbon dioxide emissions.

As of January 2008,
• new wind power projects in Wisconsin and Iowa and
• local solar PV installations
are providing three times more renewable power for MGE customers to buy.

This is no doubt stamped with the seal of approval from Kristine A Euclide, Vice President and General Counsel for MGE and one of Kathleen Falk’s appointees to the Dane County Regional Planning Commission actively working on limiting growth in the county. Is it a tad suspicious that Falk is working so very closely with Madison Gas and Electric while having her office actively resist American Transmission Company plans to upgrade the power grid in Dane County?