Sunday, January 13, 2008

Riots Against the Cold Reality

There is another report out that the people of Iran are not all happy campers. I suppose there is nothing like freezing in your sleep to make burning government buildings an attractive idea.

Gas shortage leads to clashes in northern Iran: Clashes occurred, today, in the northern cities of Ghaem-Shahr and Sari, near the Caspian Sea, due to shortage of heating gas.

Angry mobs set several official buildings ablaze, and clashed with brutal militiamen sent from Babol in order to disperse the crowd. Slogans against the Islamic regime were shouted, by angry residents, and reports are stating about tens of injured or arrested.

Officials, sent in rush, have tried to calm the residents, but the situation is tense, and road blocks have been installed in order to try to control the situation. The gas shortages started from about ten days ago, despite an unprecedented cold wave that has paralyzed most Iranian cities and has resulted in several deaths.

In Iran, “an unprecedented cold spell followed by heavy snowfall blanketed most Iranian cities, including the capital”. In neighboring Iraq unusually cold weather dusted Baghdad with the first snowfall in memory.

Of course here in Wisconsin, the politicians are selling $50 tickets to seminars on broad and rapid climate change which is the code phrase for the dangerous warming of the entire planet that industrial societies are hypothetically causing. After all, it’s not like there has been excessive snowfall in our patch of the world. --- H/T Owen