Friday, January 11, 2008

O Rly Wineke?

Chairman of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin Joe Wineke, may not have updated his blurb on the Party website since prior to the 2006 elections, but that doesn’t mean the quest for complete control of our State isn’t full speed ahead. This article from The Isthmus is a bit last week but there is one line that is either a complete joke or another example of the ideological filter through which Wineke views the world.

State Dems are licking their chops: To this end, the Dems are targeting a number of Republican districts they think are vulnerable. They note that, when he was reelected in 2006, Gov. Doyle received a majority of votes in 19 Assembly districts that are currently held by Republicans. The Democrats only need to win three of those districts to gain a majority in the Assembly.

"If Jim Doyle can win in Appleton or Oshkosh, then so can other Democrats," says Wineke. He adds that even historically Republican strongholds like the Fox Valley and the northern suburbs of Milwaukee are now in play, because many voters there are dissatisfied with the GOP's foreign policy and social agenda.

"One, they don't like the war in Iraq, and two, they don't like government telling them how to live their lives," says Wineke. These wealthy suburban districts are even becoming sources of money for the Dems.

Apparently the Chairman believes that the citizens (residents, subjects and wards) of Wisconsin “don’t like government telling them how to live their lives” with the implication that this desire for less government intrusion favors the Democrats.

Somehow their incessant push for Public control of Healthcare, a Tax Funded K-12 Public Education Monopoly, Smart Growth, Light Rail, Expanding Zoning Restrictions, Smoking Bans, Fertilizer Bans, assorted other mandates plus the entire assault on the American way of life embodied in the Global Warming, Save the Planet, and Live Green initiatives, don’t impress me as a commitment to the right of free individuals to live like free individuals. A government mandating the light bulbs in your home is not a government trying to stay out of your life.