Friday, January 18, 2008

The Isthmus Notices the New Urbanist Takeover

Madison Wisconsin free weekly "The Isthmus" manages to mention of the Capital Area Regional Planning Commission (CARPC) proposed guidelines for Dane County. It is the very last item on the weekly Madison.Gov section. Vikki Kratz puts the Kathleen Falk, Dave Cieslewicz, Kristine Euclide politically correct approved spin on this New Urbanist usurpation of private property rights. It is all about taxpayer protection. Umnnnhhhhh.... not.

Isthmus: Environmentalists are generally happy with the new guidelines, which protect farmland by promoting infill and redevelopment. The commission is also eliminating the so-called flexibility factor, which allowed builders to push the boundaries of where new development could happen.

"They make it possible to say to a developer: 'You've got infill opportunities where taxpayers have already paid for roads, schools, the police,'" says Caryl Terrell, former statewide director of the Sierra Club. She notes that developers buy land in the country, where it's cheaper, then ask nearby cities to pay for infrastructure. "They get a free ride. But the taxpayers don't."

Elimination of flexibility. How liberty embracing is this New Urbanist inspired principle of just governance? This is a direct attempt to implement one of the ten New Urbanist solutions to modern American life.

Solution #3: An immediate moratorium on the building of any additional sprawl. Sprawl is probably the single largest contributor to oil addiction and global warming due to its very design (or lack of). Sprawl forces everyone to drive many miles daily for everything, which in turn requires constant road expansions, encouraging more cars and driving, and more sprawl. It’s a vicious cycle consuming ever more oil, and spewing out more pollution, making global warming continually worse.

Vincent P. O’Hern, Marc Eisen, Michana Buchman, Bill Lueders and the rest of the Isthmus brain trust --- the Isthmus sits between two lakes which are remnants of our ultra cold glacial history and the temperature outside is zero degrees Fahrenheit. Are you seriously going to editorialize in favor to eliminating traditional property rights because New Urbanists believe the world is warming to dangerous temperatures? Is there no adult skepticism left in the group think in the editorial meetings?