Thursday, January 03, 2008

Ed Garvey Against Redistribution

True confession: I burst out laughing when I read this blurb by Ed Garvey. Yes Ed, experience the dread and revulsion at the power of taking stuff you want to keep.

Great Lakes--again: Lately, we have been focusing on the problems of water. (Jim Rowen has helped all of us understand the importance of sensible policies to protect the Great Lakes as political pressure builds to share this asset.)

Instinctively, we think of the Great Lakes as one of our greatest assets. Hundreds of people have said to me, "Just wait until they run out of water in Denver, Las Vegas and Phoenix. People will flock to the Midwest." Maybe. Here is the rub. It might not be "our" water. Water is essential to survival so don't underestimate the battle over available water. Don't count on greater Atlanta to just give up and move to Sheboygan. If oil and gas move via pipeline, they can move water the same way.

Why be concerned “as political pressure builds to share this asset”? Why should we have so much when others have so little? Is this justice? Is this equitable? In a country where the wet are getting wetter and the dry are on the verge of turning to dust, how is the ever widening liquidity gap defensible?

If sharing water with the wheat farmers in Kansas allows them to become corn farmers, then who are we to hoard our assets, preventing the land workers from sharing in the great ethanol bounty. If feeding the computer choreographed water fountains of Las Vegas helps restore the greatly abused flora of the lower Colorado or allows San Francisco to preserve the innocent and hapless delta smelt, then what right of possession can be asserted against this larger community benefit?

Mr. Garvey, be true to the Democrat that you are! Lead the movement to pipe out our water to those in need! Sharing is caring! A FAIR Wisconsin doesn’t allow babies to go thirsty!!! If you make sure your cronies control the distribution contracts so they can enjoy the financial benefits of holding the power of permission, you will be honored as the champion of the common good. That’s what you want isn’t it?