Saturday, January 05, 2008

Coach Says: No Sloppy Play

Wisconsin wins their second conference game this year with a 64-51 win over Iowa at the Kohl Center. Watching the game, it strikes me that Trevon Hughes is playing tentatively, passing up shots to pass the ball around. I thought it might be something lingering from the ankle injury but the box score shows he plays 33 minutes, so I doubt his six points are a result of anything physical.

Interestingly, Bo Ryan hardly uses his bench this game with only two non-starters getting any extended playing time. Four starters put in over 32 minutes with only Brian Butch getting regular rest periods. Butch, of course, is a monster this game, with 22 points and 7 rebounds and deserves the breaks. Still, it looks like Coach is sending a message that sloppy play and 17 turnovers are not going to be acceptable. Today the seven turnovers are countered balanced with seven steals. Bo says: If you want in the game, take care of the ball and run the offense. Bo knows.