Wednesday, January 23, 2008

2008 State of Wisconsin

The State of Wisconsin, according to Governor Jim Doyle, is messed up big time. The big problem is money and the fact it is in short supply. The proposed solution: more government spending. Seriously, the Governor posts the video and the text is all over the internet.

Wisconsin State Journal: In his sixth State of the State address, the Democratic governor laid out his course for steering the state through dangerous economic shoals and reforming a part of the health-care market that serves more than 700,000 people — a plan that includes a pricey $100 million yearly state subsidy.

My absolute favorite quote is this: “The global threat of climate change is undeniable. Temperatures across the Northern Hemisphere have reached their warmest point in over two thousand years”. Democrat Jim Doyle reads this line with an emotionless deadpan delivery, seemingly oblivious to the fact the temperature outside the Capital is 2 degrees Fahrenheit and heading for 10 below zero. The phrase implies that 2,000 years is a significantly long time for Mother Earth. It also implies the Southern Hemisphere is of no global climate importance being mostly oceans and a growing Antarctic ice sheet.

The rest of the show is simply going through the motions for this pre-computer age political tradition. The great plans for the salvation of the population all grow from roots in the predictable list of Democrat wet dreams. Brilliant new thinking like making labor more expensive so employment will grow and rebuilding manufacturing on a foundation of ethanol and stem cells. But wait there’s more: cash back for the unprofitable but PC pious and punishment most severe for any who desire to live sub-optimal selfish existences. My but we do live in interesting times.