Sunday, December 02, 2007

The People of Venezuela Reject Tyranny

Socialist Hugo Chavez writes a series of constitutional changes that serve his personal desires and places them for a public referendum vote. Ever the toadies of the authorities, the stooges at Reuters dutifully report the early official musing of the officials.

Reuters 8:44 PM EST: CARACAS (Reuters) - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez appeared headed for victory on Sunday in a referendum on allowing the leftist to rule for as long as he keeps winning elections, three government ministers said, citing early data.

As the hours pass and the officials fail to proclaim victory from the highest roof tops, a bit of doubt begins to sneak into the observers.

Gateway Pundit: Doing the Marxist Slide -- Venezuela Votes on Chavista Rule ... Update: CHAVEZ WINS! ... Update 2: Maybe Not?

The resident bloggers are supplied information saying the tabulations are a rebuke to the President and speculation in the comments is that those in power are “negotiating” the results. Negotiating because authoritarian personalities despise rebukes. The internet buzz is the vote tally is NO: 6.534.648 vs. SI: 5.864.560 (Dif: 670.088 5,4%).

Venezuela New and Views: This has got to be a first, carrying over two days a post ... Nothing new yet. there is an intense militarization at the CNE. What are they afraid of? Or is it a coup already under way to refuse to recognize the NO victory.

Caracas Chronicles: Quico says: Multiple sources inside CNE now confirm it. Chávez's constitutional reform proposal has been defeated at the polls. An official announcement is imminent.

Reuters 11:00pm EST: CARACAS (Reuters) - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was in a tight vote on Sunday in a referendum on scrapping term limits on his rule, and the opposition called on the leftist leader to accept an unprecedented defeat if he loses.

Caracas Chronicles: Venezuela rejects authoriarianism. It's a historic day.

There are reports of fireworks across the country. It is a rockets red glare kind of night.