Monday, December 17, 2007

Our Tax Favored Funds at Work

Sierra Club attorney Bruce Nilles is a wicked person. I’m not sure wicked is the ideal adjective for the harmful actions of a shrewd mind that has been dangerously misguided, but it strikes me as more appropriate than not. This demonization of coal is predicated on the scientifically false belief that carbon dioxide has the potential to create catastrophic environmental damage.

A season to fight coal: In the last four years, local Sierra Club attorney Bruce Nilles has stopped 58 coal-fired plants from being built in the United States. … He is in the process of fighting 54 more coal-burning plants in America.

It all comes down to global warming and there is a lack of federal action on the issue, Nilles said Thursday from the Sierra Club's local office on the eighth floor of 122 W. Washington Ave., just off of the Capitol Square. "These coal plants are preventing us from stopping the acceleration of global warming and instead investing in clean, renewable energy sources like wind and solar," Nilles said.

The Sierra Club is the leading example of how John Muir’s preservationist desires have been perverted by environmentalist beliefs that humanity is a threat to the very existence of the natural world. Carbon dioxide is a minor greenhouse gas playing a small limited role in planetary thermodynamics. There is no reason the serious exploration of the environment becomes obsessed with CO2 other than the fervent desire to find a way to resist the increasing spread of a prosperous humanity. The larger question is how American business reaches the point where they are easily cowed by the wealth of a 501(c)(4).