Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bush Signs Our Energy Bill

Good Lord this country is run by idiots to the point it is almost funny. Think of any sitcom, for example Three’s Company, where a faulty understanding leads to a series of inappropriate yet totally serious actions by the various characters, as they attempt to deal with the consequences of the consequences and still save face. Today, a bipartisan effort to save our planet, our country and the desired cash flow of a thousand business dreams is signed into law. Welcome to the age of sitcom legislation.

Bush Signs Energy Bill: President George W. Bush today signed legislation aimed at cutting U.S. dependence on overseas energy by setting tougher mandates. … The new law is "a major step toward reducing our dependence on oil, confronting global climate change, expanding the production of renewable fuels and giving future generations of our country a nation that is stronger, cleaner and more secure," Bush said before signing the legislation at the Department of Energy in Washington.

Without getting into the details (read the links) the gist is that our government leadership steps forward to impose by mandate the changes they fear the free market won’t deliver. The whole package is a series of “Thou shall NOT do this” and “You MUST do that” commands to the economy. The smoke and mirrors are all about saving the consumer money and working towards energy independence, ignoring the fact the American consumer is the best value shopper on the planet and denying the world’s resources to the national population is antithetical to the public good.

Coyote Blog: I don't see how anyone of any political stripe can see this as a good bill. Its just stupid in so many ways. Yes, I understand as a libertarian, my energy bill would look like: 1. get out of the way.

Michelle Malkin: You know the energy bill that Congress passed and President Bush signed into law today? Tucked into the legislation is a provision that mandates the phase-out of the 125-year-old incandescent bulb in the next four to 12 years in favor of a new generation of trendy, supposedly energy-efficient Gorebulbs.

National Center Blog: For the past four decades, food prices have remained fairly stable, lagging far behind inflation. But as the USDA reports, food prices this year are soaring, rising twice the rate of inflation - the highest annual increase in over a decade. … What's driving record food prices? Federal policies mandating more food for fuel are a big factor.

What are our politician’s goals for America? Foreign made light bulbs, burning food for fuel and forcing personal transportation to become either more dangerous or more expensive. One might expect the environmentalist vanguard to be ecstatic. Wrong.

EPA Denies States the Right to Fight Global Warming: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency stunned the nation today by denying California and 17 other states the right to proceed with regulations that would reduce global warming pollution from new automobiles. … EPA denied California's waiver, saying that new CAFE standards in the recently authorized energy bill would suffice to reduce global warming emissions from new automobiles.

I guess those people at EARTHtimes thought Washington DC decision making is based on logic and sound principles. Fools.