Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tough Night In Dallas

The Green Bay Packers come up short in Dallas tonight, losing by 10 points to the Cowboys. Over the next several days, the concern will not be about the loss of a road game to a very good football team, but whether the hit that knocks Brett Favre out of game in the second quarter is the streak ending blow. Aaron Rodgers comes in and plays a very good game in relief, but since the Packers have only two quarterbacks on the team, the question arises just who plays the position in an emergency.

JS Online: Upon further review, these are the Packers players that have played quarterback in high school: CB Al Harris -- Don't think the right elbow is going to let him do it. LB A.J. Hawk -- Just imagine the possibilities. WR Ruvell Martin -- Maybe he can throw it to himself. Actually, he was a two-time all-conference and got all-state recognition as a QB at Muskegon (Mich.) Catholic Central. Might be the guy.

Mike McCarthy keeps starting cornerback Charles Woodson out of the game and his absence as the director of the secondary is obvious all game long. Joining Woodson on the bench are Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila, Johnny Jolly and Aaron Rouse. If these four defenders are ready in the event of a rematch, the outcome may be different. A 10-2 record is something no one expected coming into this season and there is a lot of the season still to come.