Monday, November 12, 2007

Textbook Manipulation

If you know the results you want, you can design questions to get them. Take for example the 2007 Growth and Transportation Survey. The environmentalists are extremely good at propaganda. Survey says: "Three-fourths of Americans believe that being smarter about development and improving public transportation are better long-term solutions for reducing traffic congestion than building new roads". Yeah, I totally believe that number. Not.

Hello, I'm _________________ of Call Research, a national research firm. We're conducting a public opinion poll in your area today, and would like to ask you some questions on a confidential basis. We are not attempting to sell anything, nor will your participation result in any calls in the future to sell you anything. (DO NOT PAUSE)

1. Now, generally speaking, do you feel things in the COUNTRY are going in the right direction, or have they pretty seriously gotten off on the wrong track? …

There may be a number of things that concern you about growth and development. I am now going to read you several aspects of growth, and after I read each one, please tell me how concerned you are about that particular aspect, that is to say are you STRONGLY CONCERNED, NOT-SO-STRONGLY, CONCERNED, ONLY A LITTLE CONCERNED OR NOT AT ALL CONCERNED.

9. Loss of open land such as fields, forests, and deserts.
10. Loss of farmland to development
11. Increase in traffic congestion and length of commute
12. Loss of the individual character of communities
13. Increased reliance on needing cars because everything is spread out
14. Increase in highway commercial development such as strip malls.
15. Loss of historic landmarks and neighborhoods
16. Lack of community playgrounds or parks
17. Increase in global warming due to energy use of fossil fuels, carbon dioxide, and loss of trees

I am now going to read you several about growth, and after I read each one, please tell me whether you AGREE or DISAGREE with that statement.

18. Business and homes should be built closer together, often in the same community, to shorten commutes and limit traffic congestion
19. Business and homes should be built closer together, so that stores and shops are within walking distance and don't require the use of an automobile.
20. New home construction should be limited in outlying areas and encouraged in very urban areas to shorten commutes and prevent more traffic congestion.

And so on through the entire agenda. The environmentalists are serious about restricting your ability to drive, limiting the where and how you can live, and abrogating any property rights that conflict with their concept of how humans and nature should interact. Smart Growth is anti-freedom. Hat Tip to Dave Cieslewicz & Friends.