Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Salvage the Season?

If the Badgers beat Michigan Saturday does it salvage their season? This question is being kicked around on Madison sports talk radio and of course the answer is no. In hindsight, the expectations for this year’s team were probably way too high given the near perfect 2006 triumph. But many of us expected much more than what shows up.

The convincing opening week victory over Washington State set the promise to the fans. Convincing wins over quality opponents. Over the subsequent three weeks, however, we all witness less than stellar outings. Our team doing just enough to squeak by lesser competition until the bottom falls out in Champaign, and they hit bottom in College Station.

I will concede if the Badgers had been able to sustain their valiant effort at Ohio State and emerge victorious over a deservedly #1 ranked foe, then there would be a glorious conquest in this campaign to cherish. The kids played great in the Horseshoe but they were overmatched. This year the Badgers are a good team but not a great team.

Now any victory over Michigan is great thing and I hope they beat the snot out of the visitors from east of the lake. They have a reasonable chance because this Michigan squad is not one of their finest vintages, and the many of the bucky boys remember the second half at the Big House last year. But beating the Wolverines won’t salvage the season because it won’t restore the hope for something special we had as the year begins.