Sunday, November 18, 2007

Just Riding The Wave

The “Trap Game” concept is all the rage these days. The idea is that a superior team fails to prepare properly for an allegedly weaker opponent when their concentration is diluted with thoughts of other challenges. Because the Green Bay Packers are such a young group of men having such an unexpectedly victorious season, there is concern the Carolina Panthers may be able to come in Lambeau Field and spring the trap. Well, not this time. GB Game 10 Stats. One very sweet 31-17 Packers Victory.

A successful football operation efficiently runs all three aspects of the game. The Packers special teams open the scoring when Tramon Williams fields a pooch punt and with the help of excellent downfield blocking, runs it back 94 yards for a touchdown. Things like this happen in football, but they are more likely to happen if the coaching staff is doing their work correctly.

Mike McCarthy post game: (What happened on the pooch punt for touchdown?) It was something we practiced all week. Mike Stock felt that he has something on the alignment of the kicker. Tramon did a very good job fielding the ball. That's what happens.

Both offense and defense play a nearly flawless first half and take a 21-3 lead into the locker room. When early in the third quarter, Donald Lee catches his second touchdown pass of the day, it appears the victory is safely secured. Then Vinny Testaverde leads Carolina on two touchdown drives. After the game the defensive players deny that complacency set in with the big lead. A.J. Hawk says “I wouldn’t say we relaxed at all, they just made some good plays”. Al Harris says at the end of games you “play black board defenses”. The head coach, however, notices some sloppiness.

Mike McCarthy post game: (When you're up 28-3, is it hard to keep the team focused?) When you're up 28-3 we're just in a different situation. Football is all about situations, whether it's four-minute situations, two-minute situations, red zone, they're all parts of your training that come up. Four-minute offense is something you'd like to be in a lot. We need to do a better job of finishing the games. When you're up 28-3, we can learn from that experience to put the opponent away. There was some sloppiness in our play down the stretch that we can learn from. 28-3 to me is just another situation that you're involved in.

If this season is demonstrating anything, it is the ability of the Packers coaching staff to correct flaws and game plan for opponents. Brett Favre, after another 3 TD passing day victory, says he is “just riding the wave”. The team is 9-1 in this very special season, so enjoy the moment.