Sunday, November 04, 2007

All The Parts Working

The Green Bay Packers are trying really hard to show everyone they are a legitimate good team. For the second time in a week they go on the road to an AFC conference stadium and defeat the home team. Today is a 33-22 victory over Kansas City but the score does not truly indicate how close the game was.

Like many long time Packer fans, I watch two first half drives stalling in the red zone and settling for field goals with a sense of frustration. I suppose all sincere fans follow their team with some mixture of hope, pride, fear and memory. When Brett Favre throws his second interception and the Chiefs immediately turn it into a touchdown for a 7-6 halftime lead, the memories of all the bad Favre moments fire up in the synapses. Half a game of solid defensive effort nullified with one bad decision.

Donald Lee plays a remarkable game and I suspect our Tight End is a bit tired of hearing about the greatness of Tony Gonzalez on the other side. Still, Gonzalez is as good as it gets at the position and when he takes yet another reception 17 yards for a go ahead score late in the 4th quarter the task of winning is suddenly slipping away.

Of course, long time Packers fans understand good Favre is always a possibility. The next possession goes first down pass for 11 yards, first down pass for 11 yards, first down pass for no gain, second down pass for a 60 yard touchdown. Just another film clip for the Hall of Fame. Boom, Boom, click, Boom and three minutes left for the home team to rally.

As much as Favre is getting the limelight for the highlights it is the defense Ted Thompson has put together cementing the victories. In May 2006 he signs veteran Cornerback Charles Woodson to a 7 year contract. Now as the clock runs down near one minute, Woodson steps in front of 3rd down throw to Priest Holmes and runs it back for 46 yard touchdown. The Packers head home with yet another road win and a 7-1 record half way through the year. For true fans, it’s going to be pins and needles the rest of the way and that is tremendous.