Sunday, October 14, 2007

Red Rover Red Rover

The 2005 season ends with the Green Bay Packers emerging victorious in only three competitive games. Two wins at Lambeau against New Orleans and Detroit (in overtime) and one at Atlanta. A January 1st, 2006 victory over a “going through the motions” Seattle team tacks a fourth W next to the dozen L’s. Even Minnesota coaching lightweight Mike Tice figures out the Packers Defense falls apart against four receiver sets. The single combined General Manager and Head Coach Position was a very stupid organizational decision and the full horrors of the consequences are apparent to everyone. Mike Sherman gets the boot January 2nd.

Now six weeks into the 2007 season the Packers have five victories and only themselves to blame for the single loss blemishing their record. The media coverage has rightfully focused on what Brett Favre is doing or not doing but the foundation for this success is the defense. Today’s triumph over Washington, much like the Week 1 victory, is proof Ted Thompson actually knows what he is doing in building the team these last two years.

In theory, you don’t need any Offense to win games. Special Teams and Defense can put points on the board. GB Game 6 Stats When a good defense keeps opponent scores low, a serviceable offense that someone like Aaron Rogers can run may be sufficient for long term success.