Thursday, October 04, 2007

More Vinehout Stupidity

Back in July, Rick Esenberg and Boots and Sabers and Asian Badger are among the many sources that observe that State Senator Kathleen Vinehout (D) is publically selling a disingenuous sob story.

Her tale of woe involves having to pay the full medical charges for their son’s appendectomy because they previously made the decision to go without health insurance. The trouble is while this husband and wife Illinois Professor couple, who decide to become Wisconsin “farmers”, are claiming health insurance premiums would take too much money from their meager budget, they somehow find a way to contribute nine thousand dollars of their money to Kathleen’s political campaign.

Ever the Democrat, Kathleen Vinehout is out with a press release which begins with the damning assertion: “Not having a budget is not an option”. Perhaps Ms. Vinehout is still stuck in her Illinois government daze because here in Wisconsin the government always has a budget. Perhaps Nurse Ratchet should inform Ms. Vinehout how the rules work in this asylum. It’s not hard to understand. Everyone continues to get what got last year and since everyone survives last year, there is every reason to believe survival will continue. Maybe the perceived hardship factor goes up because spending desires continue while income remains stagnant, but so sad, too bad. Welcome to the reality of the citizens.