Tuesday, October 23, 2007

More Of The Same For Our Own Good

I don’t doubt the intent of medieval medicine was to benefit the patient. The problem is the practitioners are largely bound by prevailing beliefs and a limited set of techniques. One of the most common interventions being the bleeding of the patient in hope of returning the body to healthy balance. Bleeding as therapy survives for a thousand years because the patient often survives and those who perish are doomed anyway.

This evening the Republican controlled Assembly passes a new Wisconsin State Budget with large increases in borrowing, taxes, fees and spending. The bleeding of the public for the benefit of the public continues. The House vote is 60-39 sealing the victory. The Senate follows 18-15 on a pure partisan vote. Look at this anyway you want, but the Republican Assembly allows the same old same old expanding government trick to continue forward. They have convinced themselves the patient is healthy enough to survive more liquidity losses. The affluent enclaves will probably be fine. The people suddenly confronted with the demand for half a days wages simply to register the car that gets them to work may feel the pain a bit more.