Thursday, October 18, 2007

The French President Announces His Divorce

A mere five months after winning the election the first family of France splits.

Nicolas and Cecilia Sarkozy split: It's finally official, and it appears Nicolas Sarkozy decided to announce this on the most politically fortunate day possible. In a press release from the Elysee, the Sarkozy's announced their separation "by mutual consent." Not to make political hay out of a very personal decision, but this was certainly the way to do it. Sarkozy has managed to distract the entire media from the current transport strike, which the BBC reports some unions may be extend for another 24 hours. Then again, if he dosen't make any statements in person soon, it could look like he's hiding in the bunker. As Le Figaro points out, this will be the first time that a French president is also a bachelor.

On a side note, Ségolène Royal who lost the election to Sarkozy announces her separation from long time partner Francois Hollande just a month after the defeat. Being a mutually happy power couple must be a very hard act to maintain. This of course raises the unnecessary gratuitous question of how long will Mr. Bill be allowed around after Hillary’s inauguration? After all, there is Presidential divorce prescedent now. Stare decisis Bill, bye, bye.