Wednesday, October 10, 2007

British Court Finds Inconvenient Inaccuracies

Environmentalist organizations have nothing to do but spend tax free dollars putting out media pieces like: Greenpeace urges kangaroo consumption to fight global warming. Advancing an agenda is the definition of activism. The one thing I notice in the usual nonsense deriving from the false belief that carbon dioxide creates environmental problems is this one sentence:
"The world is currently on track to experience runaway global warming with average temperatures soon to exceed 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels", Dr Diesendorf said.
This is the first time I have heard the phrase “runaway global warming” recently. Even true believers that human activity is meaningfully contributing to the theoretical increase of total atmospheric ambient energy, have ceased painting mental imagery of unstoppable rising temperatures turning Earth into Venus. Those computer programs were so bogus even the United Nations dropped that prophecy last century.

Besides, “runaway” temps reaching 2 degrees higher? As out of control scenarios go, that’s pretty lame. (cue the spooky music) BEWARE THE DANGER of extending the biodiversity of the tropics slightly into the middle latitudes! Weak. The only individuals still using this 'planet on the verge of combustion' style of preaching are those pursuing a primary interest in returning the world to “pre-industrial” conditions.

It is against this background of never ending non-profit activism that the lovely wonderfulness of Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth getting smacked down in the British Courts needs to be appreciated. Kent school governor Stewart Dimmock initiates legal action in response to distribution of the film to the British schools, as an education tool. In his words: "The film contains blatant inaccuracies. It's a political shockumentary, it's not a scientific documentary." Well said, Mr. Dimmock.

High Court Judge, Mr. Justice Burton agrees. He rules the film can not be presented to school children without also telling the children the film contains many inaccuracies, and explaining to them there is no consensus among scientists about any causal relationship between man and atmosphere. The film will still be playing in the classroom but at least the teachers are formally warned to tell the children that some adults believe Gore’s Academy Award should rightfully have been for science fiction.

The details can be found the in reports from the BBC (Gore climate film's 'nine errors') and Daily Mail (Judge slams Al Gore's 'alarmist' climate change documentary). Nice to see there are adults in England willing to call shenanigans on blatant attempts to use the school system for political indoctrination.