Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Very Sophisticated Sabotage II

I agree with Chris, our country is not standing united against the dangers that confront us and I agree with Jib when he questions the proper way to remember our history. At the risk of sounding offensive, I am finding the repetition of names and stories a tad boring. The way to honor the past is to focus on the present so the evil of prior days is kept repressed.

If you don’t want to be blindsided by large scale violence then focus on where the violent people are getting active. For reference, a Terrorist Organization Reference Guide. Socialist guerilla group EPR (Ejercito Popular Revolucionario) - or one of their splinter groups - is becoming very active pursuing their expressed desire to overthrow the Mexican government and reverse the current free market policies.

Houston Chronicle: Targeting valves, above-ground sections and transfer terminals in 30- to 48-inch pipelines, the explosions went off nearly simultaneously in various locations, some of them hundreds of miles apart.

Investors Business Daily: The shadowy group isn't bluffing. In a mere two months, it blew up a Sears building in Oaxaca, tried to blow up a bank, called in three bomb threats to the tallest building in Latin America to force the evacuation of 11,000 people, and left a car bomb in the garage to show their intents. Sunday's pipeline attack is their worst act to date, and shows far more calculated planning and resources.

Busting up 48-inch welded steel pipelines is no easy task yet EPR pulls it off at several key above ground junction points, hundreds of miles apart for maximum system disruption. As desired, the local physical damage immediately causes widespread economic disruptions. Thousands of Mexicans suddenly get unexpected and unpaid time off.

CNN: Hundreds of companies which rely on natural gas to function were forced to temporarily lay-off workers in ten states in the centre and east of the country.

AP: Volkswagen AG said it suspended production at its sprawling car factory outside the city of Puebla - the company's only North American manufacturing site - on Monday because of a lack of natural gas. Glassmaker Vitro SAB also said it was temporarily closing six plants across central and western Mexico.

Somalinet: The EPR had taken credit earlier for pipeline bombings on July 5 and July 10 in the Mexican states of Guanajuato and Queretaro, hundreds of miles northeast of Veracruz. Those attacks forced the closure of giant multinational factories run by U.S. and Japanese automakers and companies that make Kellogg's and Hershey's products.

It is not going unnoticed that the attacks appear designed to disproportionately impact large foreign corporate interests at the same time Mexican President Felipe Calderon is in India promoting his country as a strong emerging market. A growing Mexican economy takes immigration pressure off the US. A retreat towards a socialist fantasy like Chavez is imposing on Venezuela is the worst thing that can happen for hopes of a peaceful prosperous continent.