Friday, September 14, 2007

Undocumented Canadian Immigration

The National Weather Service reports a high temperature in Madison, Wisconsin of 56 degrees Fahrenheit which is sixteen degrees below the historical average for this summer day. The areas immediately to the west along the Mississippi River have frost advisories in effect overnight including freeze warnings into parts of Iowa.

Des Moines Register: A cold front from Canada will settle across the state, prompting frost and freeze advisories for most of Iowa. … Record or near record cold temperatures are anticipated overnight, leading to widespread frost.

The paper, being written by objective professional journalists, does not speculate on why cold Canadian air is immigrating to the American Midwest, but as a sensationalist blogger I can assert any wild theory I want. I blame this on global warming. Undocumented Canadian air masses must be fleeing the horrific changes at the North Pole. The science is settled. I will accept no other explanation.