Friday, September 21, 2007

Mr. Hsu meets Mr. Hochberg

I really do not expect the Main Stream Media will cover Clinton fund raising scandals with either objectivity or details. The details, however, are being ferreted out by the Army of Davids, especially people like Flip Pidot who digs into the public records. Norman Hsu – eccentric loner – not. Actually he has lots of friends who are Dems.

Hsocking Hsu Secrets Revealed! If there's one thing that can be said about Clinton financial scandals, it's that they tend to be complex. And thus far, the Norman Hsu debacle is living up to the archetype. … Two points are crucial here.

1) Ever since Hsu became a major fundraiser, there have been notable similarities between his and Hochberg/Lillian Vernon's contributions that strain the limits of coincidence. Not only is there significant overlap among several far-flung candidates who wouldn't typically be of much interest to New York businessmen, but the size and timing of many of the transactions further suggest the efforts are coordinated.

2) Hochberg's political benefaction predates Hsu's by several years. While Hsu didn't get his start until 2003 and didn't really hit his stride until late 2004, Lillian Vernon and the Hochbergs contributed more than a half million dollars to Democrats in the decade prior to Hsu's political foray (and more than a quarter million more since). This suggests the slate of candidates whose palms Hsu has chosen to cross with silver these last few years was not the product of either Hsu's own ideology or any specific partisan motivation. It seems more likely that the pols Hsu began to grease were simply co-opted from Hochberg's list of favored candidates.

And the lily gilder: Fred Hochberg was a member of President Clinton's Cabinet. Yes, Fred Hochberg, a dean at the school where Hsu served as a trustee, one of Hsu's fellow HillRaisers, CEO of the company that officially bundled at least one of Hsu's direct contributions as recently as this summer, and the apparent architect of Hsu's favored candidate slate, was installed as one of the country's senior-most federal policymakers by Bill Clinton.

One list of Clinton Accomplishments includes this snippet. “Fred Hochberg, Deputy Administrator of the Small Business Administration, the first openly gay person to be appointed Deputy in an U.S. cabinet-level agency”. Fred Hochberg goes on to a position at New University as Dean of their Management and Urban Policy graduate program. It seems like only Monday the eyebrow raising amounts of “academic money” pouring into Democratic Party coffers is noticed.