Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Surrender Now!!!

The members of the Governor's Task Force on Global Warming are inviting the public to comment. Please take this opportunity to let the task force know we want unconditional surrender to global warming. Stop this immoral war really on good weather.
If you plan to attend one of the four statewide “Public Input” sessions on Monday August 6th, remember that facts -- such as the existing infrared saturation of atmospheric carbon dioxide making computer programmed dire prophecies physically impossible -- don’t matter in a political debate. Try chanting catchy slogans instead. Always speak to the cameras and microphones rather than the panel. Be polite but keep being vocal until escorted out of the room.

You can use the old standard protest chants:
Do Nothing – Do It Now.
Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey – Climate Changes Anyway.
Love the Plants, Love the Trees – Keep Them Healthy – Let Them Breath.
Or use your own creativity.

But remember global warming is political maneuvering to achieve government control over the economy, so subjects such as absorption spectrums and molecular dynamics will be ignored. Alternative explanations such as variable sunshine and solar cycles and Milankovitch Cycles will be dismissed out of hand. Don’t even hope that professional skepticism is important.

Politics calls for political theater so speak the language of politicians. Simple emotional slogans repeated over and over. Try thinking of tiny baby bunnies starving to death in the cruel harshness of freezing cold winter nights. Tears are always good and wearing flowers in your hair never goes out of fashion.