Monday, July 23, 2007

Practicing the Preaching?

Madison Gas & Electric executives decide to put their clients’ business on the internet and Isthmus editor Bill Lueders boldly goes where no other media dares go. Since the Isthmus is technically alternative media I believe all the facts are correct. (That’s a complement Bill).

Power snooping: Two weeks back, Watchdog revealed that a relatively new service offered by Madison Gas and Electric allows anyone with access to the Internet to learn the monthly high, low and average energy use of any residence in the utility’s service area.

Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz averaged just $180 a month in combined gas and electric over the last 12 months on his west-side home, with an assessed value of $356,900. But Dane County Exec Kathleen Falk has him (and nearly everyone else) beat: Her downtown condo (assessed at $343,000) averaged just $89 in electric and used no gas. … Barry Alvarez, no surprise, is an energy hog, averaging $532 a month on his Fitchburg behemoth (2006 assessed value: $731,800).

I suppose this makes sense. Barry Alvarez enjoys life, takes pride in his success and lives the good life he has earned. Meanwhile Kathleen Falk and Dave Cieslewicz, wrestling with psychological fears their lifestyle is a danger to all creatures* great and small, live with monkish simplicity in ecologically friendly small spaces. I wonder if their refrigerators still have that little light that turns on when the door opens. You can live without it.

There was a time when Democrats took pride in bringing power to the entire population so they could better maximize the potential of their lives. Now days the plan is all about trying to convince the general public their lives are excessive and abusive and should be scaled back. That old E=MC squared thing has somehow been perverted into the assertion that the world is running out of energy.

*Except those living things outlawed by statute or ordinance and those species not specifically present in Wisconsin during the designated benchmark decade of the 1840’s after which all changes in the environment are deemed unnatural.