Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Our Most Basic Values

The Wisconsin State Assembly proposes a budget which does not include massive tax increases and suddenly all that is good about our state is undone. Apparently.

“This is an extreme, irresponsible budget that works against the needs of Wisconsin families. It’s an assault on our most basic values”. – Governor Jim Doyle (D)

“Assembly Republicans are on the verge of passing the most fiscally irresponsible, morally reprehensible budget to come out of Madison in some time.” – Sen. Judy Robeson (D)

“The Assembly Republican budget is an entirely irresponsible document.” – Rep. Jim Kreuser. (D)

"Wisconsin's economy, its families and its future are being sold out by Assembly Republicans, whose budget is an assault on higher education.” – Chancellor John Wiley (D)

Since it is a nearly perfect July evening, I stroll outside to see for myself. There are lots of people out walking, plenty of traffic on the streets, an abundance of trees and flowers everywhere and amateurs playing baseball under the high school lights. Sorry Governor, I’m not seeing “our most basic values” on the verge of obliteration. I suspect our values are deeper than our pocketbooks.